Recessed Lighting Placement Kitchen Between Coffered Ceiling And Above The Cabinets

Recessed lighting for a kitchen is an attractive form of lighting that is installed flush with a surface. However, as with any lighting choice, you should consider the benefits and disadvantages of recessed light before installation. In the past, if a homeowner wanted to highlight a painting or sculpture, he would most likely install track lighting and point one of the light fixtures directly at the object he wanted to focus on. With recessed lighting, however, you can create a soft glow coming out from the sides of the object, causing the object to draw your eye to it naturally. Also, recessed lights are easily hidden from plain sight and do not draw unwanted attention to themselves. Depending on the type of recessed lighting you have selected, the cost may be higher than a traditional light fixture. The cost of bulbs and installation of recessed lights may also be more expensive compared to a traditional fixture.