Very Small Apartment Kitchen Design Close With Living Space

We see a lot of great small kitchens, and the best ones have smart layouts, maximized efficiency and clever storage solutions. If you are planning a large renovation, or just want refresh your space, here is you can see how small kitchen can be so stylish and functional. Appliances occupy the most space in any kitchen and represent a hefty outlay, second only to cabinets. Choose according to your cooking needs, but know that many manufacturers are designing smaller-sized appliances that function as well as their bigger counterparts, just without some bells and whistles. You can find 18″ rather than 24″ dishwashers, 24″ rather than 30″ wall ovens, 24″ instead of 30” or 36” refrigerators, and sinks smaller than the standard 30″. Prioritize choices based on your space and cooking style.