Kitchen Cabinet Design White Painted And Hardwood Floors

If you are asked what the famous kitchen trend in 1990’s, the white-on-white, monochromatic look for kitchens, is the answer. Today’s kitchens many people still use monochromatic look for kitchens as the monochromatic colors can create modern look. However, the white-on-white is not the popular choice anymore; people nowadays are combining white with black for more visual impact and more design options. Black and white kitchen ideas translate well into various design themes, whether you have an ultra-modern kitchen, formal kitchen or casual kitchen. Traditional white cabinets contrast well with black appliances. It’s suggested for you to choose easy-care cabinets with detailing such as wine racks, crown molding and varying heights. Black trim can be added to highlight your cabinets. To make your white cabinetry pop, you should definitely try adding shiny black hardware.  To get perfect look for your kitchen, you can add colorful touches with design elements like towels and chair pads, plants, crockery and paintings for the final touch of black and white kitchen ideas.