DIY Easy Decoration Ideas To Make With Toddlers At Home

Spending time with kids is important, moreover if they are still toddlers. Toddlers need time to bond with parents because it would increase their love, their personality, and mental as well. There are many fun activities that parents could do with their kids. One of them is making home decorations. There are many easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers at home that parents could prepare.

Making home decorations would not only bond the relations between parents and kids. But it would also increase the kid’s creativity with some physical activities. Moreover, after creating the craft, they could also keep and even display their work. As an addition, it would increase the kid’s confidence in displaying their artwork. For inspiration, here are some easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers at home.

1. DIY Jellyfish to Hang in the Room

The first decoration idea for parents and toddlers to create is a DIY jellyfish. Parents should prepare some paper plates, some yarns, and some glow-in-the-dark paint. The steps are easy for toddlers to follow. The first thing to do is to color all the paper plates and yarns using the paint. After that, cut the yarns to several same sizes. The next thing to do is make a hole in the center of the paper and gather the yarns along. Toddlers could hang the jellyfish inside their room and it would even glow during the dark.

2. The DIY Craft Bugs

The next easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers are with using natural objects with some recycled items. Invite toddlers to pick up some outdoor nature objects, such as the leaves and branches. After that, use some recycle cartons and paint them. Next, lead them to make some bugs by using the natural objects on to the carton. As the finishing, apply some modge podge to keep the art shiny and long.

3. The DIY Stone

Another great decoration idea that toddlers could create is DIY stone. With taking and using some stones from the garden, toddlers could then paint the stone. Adding some creativity to it, after painting the stones, toddlers could then apply the stone as a decoration. They could place it whether in the aquarium, at the kitchen, in the bedroom, and even in the bathroom.

4. The DIY Tie-dye Hanging Art

Hanging arts are one of the easiest yet beautiful easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers. To create great hanging art, parents could lead their kids to make a DIY tie-dye one! Using some colorful paints, toddlers could also explore their creativity. From choosing the colors until the pattern of the tie-dye.

5. The DIY Artsy Frame Art

Another wall art decoration that parents could make with their kids is the DIY artsy frame art. Parents and kids could cut some interesting pictures from old magazines or newspapers. After that gluing it on a paper, with some watering colors, stickers, and other items. Once it is finished, put it in a frame and it becomes one artsy frame art.

Spending time with toddlers could not only be fun but also useful to display some new decorations. These easy decoration ideas to make with toddlers are easy to do for both parents and toddlers. Have fun decorating!