The Best DIY Coffee Table Ideas For Your Favorite Home

Almost people interested in having a beautiful design of furniture for their favorite home, especially for a coffee table. Even seems simple, a good design of the furniture including a coffee table can make you feel comfortable in your favorite house. Therefore, we need to consider the design of the furniture except for the function. If you are looking to the inspiration of coffee table ideas, the following paragraph will special tell you the best DIY coffee table ideas.

1. A Unique Wooden Door Table Design

One of the best DIY coffee table ideas is being unique. Thus, the unique design of the coffee table is having a table made from the wooden door. It sounds strange however this coffee table design is interesting to have. There is no lack of having a coffee table by this design. On the other hand, we can save more by recycling the useless door becoming a coffee table. In addition, you might consider the comfort size of the coffee table. If the door is too big as a coffee table, then you may resize the door and repaint the door.

2. Unusual Bright Table Design Ideas

If you want to have an unusual and anti-mainstream design of your coffee table, you might try the bright table. What is the bright table means? The bright table means the table with light and mirror. Inside there are some lights inside the table, then the mirror as the cover of the table. This bright table will be an interesting table that you need to have. It will be functioned as a table and as the decoration of the room.

3. Wooden Wine Box Table

The wooden wine box table is also the best idea as the coffee table design. The wine box not only has an interesting design of the coffee table but also has a low cost. What you need to do if you want to create this kind of table is to find the wine box amounts of 4 boxes. Then, make them as a group by order the wine boxes into a table frame. After that, you might joint them by nail. In addition, you may create a new color of the boxes or keep the wood color. However, we need to make sure that the wood of the box is smooth and joint perfectly by strong nail.

4. Old Window Design of Coffee Table

Except for the door, we can use an old window as the coffee table also. The way to create the window design of the coffee table is almost the same as the door table design. You might retouch the color of the window, then give the foot for the table. On the other hand, you can add a room inside the window table. It will be additional storage for you to store a magazine or other equipment. The window table has glass as the cover as same as a common window. Therefore, we need to make sure that the glass is safe before changing it into the table.

The fourth best DIY coffee table ideas on the previous explanation are the example of coffee table ideas. You might create your own design as creative as you can. It is better to reuse the old thing into the new one to minimize the trash.