6 Best Indoor Plants for Health You Must Have

For you who love decorative plants, you may have thought to bring some of them inside your house. The problem is you are afraid those plants can cause any health issues for your family. But, here are the best indoor plants for health you can put inside. Let’s check it out!

1. Snake Plant

Also known as mother in law’s tongue, the snake plant has linear leaves with tapered shoots. The surface of the leaves is green with white stripes.

This plant has benefits for health especially that related to air problems. A snake plant can absorb CO2 inside your home. It can also reduce odors include that come from the refrigerator.

Cultivating a snake plant is not too hard to do. Just cut the shoot, then separate it from the parent plant. Make sure that the shoots are about 3 months old. Then, plant it on a pot, and treat it as usual.

2. Gerbera Daisy

It is still bout cleaning the air, another plant that can give you that benefit is gerbera daisy. This plant can absorb trichloroethylene. So, this is appropriate to place near to where you do the washing.

Besides, gerbera daisy also has a bright color. It can give a positive spirit any time you see it. Indirectly, it will be good for your mental health.

3. Peace Lily

Having only one big petal with deep white color is the characteristic of this plant. It also has a yellowish spadix at the center. Not only has a beautiful appearance, but peace lily is also one of the best indoor plants for health.

This plant is good to put in the bathroom. That place is usually humid. Mold is easy to grow there and sometimes causes odor. Putting peace lily inside is an effective way to absorb the humidity. Reducing mold spores in the air is also its ability.

4. Spider Plant

You can identify a plant as a spider plant by seeing that green-long-dangling leaves. This hanging plant has a simple appearance as an indoor decorative plant. Nevertheless, the spider plant is also good for health.

This plant can absorb CO. So, you can put it in the kitchen. It is because sometimes, some smoke forms when cooking. That smoke could unconsciously is inhaled by you.

5. Lavender

With the soothing fragrance, lavender can give a relaxation effect. It would help you to reduce stress after works. And for you who have a sleep problem, the lavender fragrance can resolve insomnia. Your sleep will be more sound.

Another benefit of lavender is that mosquito doesn’t like the fragrance. Planting lavender indoor can prevent mosquitoes from roaming inside your house. Therefore, some diseases caused by mosquitoes like dengue fever and malaria can be prevented.

In planting lavender, the thing you need you to pay attention to is to keep the soil dry. Manage it to make the air can go through among the soil. You can also add some white little stone to catch heat.

6. Aloe Vera

Generally, people use aloe vera by taking the gel. But you can also take the benefit of this plant by only putting it indoor. You can use it to keep your sleep comfortable. 

Aloe vera can make the air is healthier to inhale. It doesn’t have a certain fragrance like lavender that can make you relax. But it works by absorbing chemical pollution from any deodorizer product and purify the air. 

Those are the 6 best indoor plants for health you can cultivate. Don’t be doubt to bring them inside your house to help you with increasing your health. Let them give your house both beauty and health at once.