Creative Ideas For Lampshades With Used Materials

Having used goods will certainly be more useful if you can use them again. Often used goods become useless and end up in warehouses and trash cans. Now, you can dismantle your warehouse to recycle it into lampshades. Here are some creative ideas for lampshades, namely :

1. Lampshade from the Egg Tray

Don’t throw away the egg tray, because the old egg case made of wire can be one of the creative ideas for lampshades. Older parents often used wire eggs to store eggs before the refrigerator.

After the refrigerator people store eggs in the refrigerator.  Thus, the existence of this egg place becomes neglected.  However, do not hesitate to use the egg case to become a lampshade.  So that the item becomes more useful.

2. Lampshade from the kettle or Kettle

Aluminum kettles often leak when using them for long periods.  So it must end in a warehouse or trash. A kettle is a place for drinking water from ancient times.  Its whereabouts are now being forgotten.  Therefore, you can use it again as a lampshade.

Now you can be more creative, by using the aluminum kettles, which are no longer used to reuse them into lampshades.  The lampshades besides being unique and creative.  Thus the used kettles become more useful.

3. Lampshade from the Pan

Leaking aluminum pans also often end up in the trash.  Don’t throw it away because using it can be one of the creative ideas for lampshades. The pan in question is an ancient skillet. Not a modern skillet like now.

The use of lampshades from the pan is one of the creative and unique ideas.  To further beautify the results you can provide paint and other images according to taste.  Thus your lamp shade becomes different from the others.

4. Lampshade from the Lid of the Pan

The cover pan that is not useful can be useful again into a lampshade.  Many people often use this object for their lampshades. Using a pot lid is more practical because its shape is very suitable as a lampshade.

How to make it is very easy because the lid has a handle in the middle.  Discarding the handle will leave a hole in the middle.  Thus, you can attach the cable to the lamp without having to use other equipment to pierce it.

5. Lampshades from Coasters

Lampshades from glass coasters are one of the creative ideas for lampshades.  Coasters that are not used can be more useful when using it as a lampshade.

Multicolored glass coasters are suitable for smaller size lamp shades.  Thus, the decorative lights will be more beautifying your home at night.  Besides being beautiful, you are also more creative by using glass coasters as lampshades.

Those are some creative ideas for lampshades.  Besides being more economical, it can also hone your creativity.  Especially for those of you who have a hobby of doing it yourself.  In the hands of creative people, used goods will not end up in the trash.  Even more useful and has resale value. Therefore you must try it.