How to Makeshift an Office at Home? Try These 5 Cheap Ideas

Coronavirus has changed many things including our way of work. Apparently, so many people have to work from home because of a locked-down policy. Somehow, not all of us have space for an office inside the house. So, this article will help you find ideas on how to makeshift an office at home in a cheap way.

1. Home Office Under the Stairs

You don’t have to build a particular room for your makeshift office. If you have space under your stairs, then transform it to your temporary office. Also, you don’t need to buy a new desk but you can build your DIY mounted working desk from pallet. Grab one of the chairs in the house and you are ready to work.

2. Kitchen Counter Office

Working in a kitchen counter could be an option if you don’t want to build a new office. Moreover, working in a kitchen counter allows you to team up together with your children. While you work, your children finish their school tasks. This way is also effective to spend time together during the locked down period.

3. Office at the Attic

Another idea of how to makeshift an office at home is by setting up an office at the attic. This one is suitable for you who likes quiet and privacy while working. But, to make it effective, you must make a deal with your children about your working hour. So, children will not bother you while working in the attic.

4. Office in the Garden

During a very boring time, you have to unleash all of your creativity. Meanwhile, you can build your working space in the garden. Furthermore, it is good to keep you breathe the fresh air and see something green. Also, it is effective to boost your mood.

5. Bed Office

There are sometimes when you feel too lazy to move around. So, another idea on how to makeshift an office at home is to build it in your bed. Using a laptop stand you can finish your task, assignment, and report from your bed. But, this one is only for a lazy day.

6. Decorate it by Theme

Don’t think that this one is expensive. Wherever your working space is, remember to make it space of your own. So, if you happen to have it next to the window, then you can simply put some hanging pot or wall decoration. This always works to avoid boredom.

7. Work in Dining Table

There is nothing wrong with working in a dining table. But, avoid dining time when you choose to work at your dining table. It would be better if you do it after breakfast until lunchtime. Meanwhile, working in the dining table is comfortable because it’s spacious and you don’t have to spend money on it.

Now you don’t have to be confused about how to makeshift an office at home during the work-from-home period. No matter where it is, make it as comfy as possible to keep you stay productive. It is okay to change the location periodically.