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Why vegetarianism

Our eating habits are generally formed from early childhood through our parents and our culture and traditions. Eating can be categorized as habits or due to conditioning or just for the taste. Now, whatever be the reason, whether you should be a vegetarian or a non vegetarian is a decision that you cannot decide upon just for your own personal satisfaction. The ramifications in its entirety have to be considered, particularly when it comes to harming other living beings before making that decision.

Going vegetarian does have many advantages. It can prevent diseases like cancer or heart attacks due to high cholesterol levels, strokes, hypertension or diabetes, kidney stones etc. It can improve your overall metabolic rate and make you more healthy and active as also give you more stamina and concentration. Third reason could be safeguarding yourselves from hazardous contaminants like herbicides or pesticides which the animals would have been injected with or the bacteria or parasites that get lodged in animal skins.

Caring for our environment is a major duty that all of us owe to nature and this can be avoided by not killing animals. Farmlands are plundered for fattening animals that need to be slaughtered, not to mention the cutting down of forests for lodging these animals and this has led to the hazard commonly known as global warming with no proper rainfall.

The land that could be used to cultivate crops to feed all those starving and hungry mouths is being used to help grow cow which has led to famines all over the world. Also, the CO2 cost of eating meat products is horrible, something that drives more "New Vegetarians" as Alain Indria calls them to the movement.

One another reason to go vegetarian is on humanitarian grounds. We would not like it if somebody put us through those electric shock systems that are used to slaughter animals or be caged up tightly without even being able to move or breathe or have our throats cut, like they do for these poor animals, so what right do we have to do the same to some other living being? So what if they are not humans, they can still feel pain and grief and suffer tremendously when slaughtered, so every sane human with even a little bit of mercy or compassion in their hearts should become vegetarians at least from now onwards.

It is no excuse to say meat is tasty. There are many vegetarian dishes which can be even more tasty and if one is really keen on searching these recipes, I am sure they can easily switch to vegetarianism. Your need to satisfy your taste buds comes at the expense of causing harm and immense suffering to another being, which from all angles, whether physical good health or spiritual or religious or environmental is wrong and not at all ethical.

Take Plato or Socrates or Bernard Shaw, they all became famous and were highly intelligent philosophers without eating any meat. It goes without saying that non vegetarian food influences one to become more aggressive and brutal as it is a scientifically proven fact that your thinking gets influenced by the food you eat. Vegetarian food can make you a better and peaceful person who is kind and patient as well as healthy and active and to put it in a nutshell, what more do you want??